Iron Sharpens Iron DVD

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Do you want to improve and to come up with your own signature style? Do you want to be better at one of the most popular types of tattoos, done on any given day at any given shop around the world?

Iron Sharpens Iron will teach you how to do just that. Iron Sharpens Iron is a visual tutorial that covers the ground level basics all the way to the advanced techniques used by the best lettering artists in the industry. Watch every move I make to create the various styles involved again and again in a wide range of tattooing. I will show you the correct tools for drawing these styles, and break it down step by step, so that you can be more confident and begin to explore the future of one of the fastest growing styles in the tattoo industry!

Tips on using different drawing tools: Chinese brush tip, Chisel tip, Calligraphy tip, Fine point brush, and Pencil.

I will personally teach you: Proper spacing techniques, Kern, Layout, How to create new styles, Drawing directly onto the skin, and Needle selection.

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